10 Countries With World's Most Beautiful Snow

Almost all countries that are beyond the line of latitude 40 degrees south and 40 degrees north latitude is always experiencing snowfall in certain periods. Snow falling sometimes can add beauty, but also can exacerbate the beauty. Lots of countries that actually have beautiful scenery due to the snow.

And from about six dozen countries that feel the falling snow, there is a list of 10 countries considered the most beautiful snow country. The meaning of this beautiful snow country is a country that has beautiful scenery due to the snow falling. Here is the country:

1. Swiss

konsultan pendidikan

Switzerland is one country in central Europe that has a beautiful scenery. State that directly borders with Germany, France, Italy, and Austria is largely a region famous slopes of the Alps keindahanya, so it would not be surprised if the Swiss have the best snow scenery in the world.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand

From the list of the best snow 1o this country, New Zealand is the only country Yeng located in the southern hemisphere. Western island nation in the western Pacific Ocean has the natural beauty of the mountains that is extraordinary.

3. Alaska (USA Territory)


4. Canada


5. French


6. Norwegia


7. Islandia


8. Japan


9. Swedia


10. South Korea

South Korea

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